Welcome to The Shadows of Seattle Chummer!

The year is 2072 for those of you too fragged out on Tempo, BTL, Alcohol or whatever poison you deposit into your body.

Yes that also means its fraggin election time again, where everywhere you walk, look, listen, eat, sleep, etc, etc, etc… is pounded with new campaign ads until your head wants to explode from all the glaring white fake smiles the politicians plaster on their faces.

Life is… well life, most can take it or leave it, some have that choice taken from them if they walk into the wrong place at the wrong time, especially here in the Pullyup sector of Seattle… close in near to the city center ain’t too bad… typical run down low income housing, street vendors, under maintained stuffer shacks… but further out, you don’t want to go there.

Down in the farthest reaches of the Barrens, it might as well be a war zone… fighting and gun battles and rumors of ghouls roaming the streets, hell not even the Knights go in there and DocWagon… good luck, unless your gold or better.

But up here in the edges of the city proper, Pullyup ain’t too bad, don’t get me wrong, you still need to keep your eyes open and your hand on the but end of a gun, but you can manage with the correct amount of intestinal fortitude and respect.

Shadows of Seattle

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